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We know you are busy, so we’ll get straight to the point. We are a group of clever people in Karachi, Dubai, Kiel & San Francisco. We use brains and fancy machines to create brands, products, and experiences that help our clients solve problems and seize opportunities.

That’s more or less it. But if you’re still curious, keep scrolling.


Our values are there to remind us of who we are, and what we want to be. They guide everything we do, from our approach to work, to how we treat people. They are intentionally aspirational and aspirationally intentional.

Education Design Agency- Plan Z Creatives

We’ve had our share of luck. Plan Z Hope is where we give back to those who haven’t. Plan Z has committed to help the non-profits with all their creative needs. Here below are some of the organizations we’ve supported recently, with more on Plan Z Hope page.


Pakistan Education Foundation is an organization dedicated to educating the deserving irrespective of financial position. They have schools all around rural areas and fundings from local and international organizations. We are with them from the beginning and helped them create their brand identity as well as their digital presence, you can visit their site at www.pakef.org.


The Karachi Down Syndrome Program (KDSP), a non-profit organization, was launched in March 2014 by a group of affected parents and passionate individuals who, due to limited support and resources available locally, realized a need for a platform of those affected by Down syndrome. We worked with them to design brochures for their annual carnivals as well as their yearly newsletter.


First Response Initiative of Pakistan (FRIP) is a Karachi-based group mainly for medical students interested in First Response. It is FRIP’s primary mission to train and certify every medical student in Karachi in ‘First Response’ so that they can help in, and respond to, emergency situations in Pakistan.

It is FRIP’s secondary mission to help every medical student train his/her fellow beings so that eventually the entire general population is aware of how to appropriately respond in traumatic situations.

We loved working with them closely on their bi-annual newsletter and brochures over the years. Although, it’s been a while since the new board contacted us, I guess we should give them a call soon.


HANDS was founded by Prof. A. G. Billoo (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) in 1979. HANDS has evolved in 36 years as one of the largest Non-Profit Organizations in the country with an integrated development model and disaster management expertise. HANDS has a network of 31 offices across the country and has access to more than 21 million population more than 15,700 villages/settlements in 43 districts of Pakistan. HANDS strength is 12 volunteers Board Members, > 3500 full-time staff, and thousands of community-based volunteers of more than 5,900 partner organizations.

We have worked for them on their newsletters and brochures helping them to convey their messages creatively.

Founder's Message

Our vision is “Ascending above the Billion Mark” which is to enable one billion people to do what they love and grow their business with us, directly or indirectly. In the next 10 years, I want my company to realize this vision. In simple words, our work gets the right people talking. We plan to create, build development, enable technology, scale cloud, assess consultancy, and evolve artificial intelligence. Through this, we ensure memorable, creative, and lasting engagement with our stakeholders.

I made commitments towards insightfully providing exceptional delivery to the industry and along the way, have strengthened our core values towards ensuring quality in everything we as a company do, guidance by example, honesty and simplicity, and a focus on an excellent culture that passes on to our clients.

-Syed Zohaib Ahmed


When we’re not working for our clients, we like to experiment. It helps us think new thoughts, meet new people, create new things, discover beautiful objects, and challenge ourselves.


On a fine Winter Monday, when the sun is kissing the skin to the heart, our team sat for lunch where we look upon a family where they are struggling to have a common topic of discussion. Each one of them had a story to tell but none of them was ready to listen to another. If a family of 5 people has so many differences, how is it possible to align so many nations, to have an understanding, and live peacefully.

After talking about it over lunch we realized that there is only one way to undo this and that is to liberate the youth. We believe that there are two kinds of people in this world, talkers, and listeners and we certainly count ourselves in the latter ones. Not only we feel that the youth wants to stay updated about the latest trends in each industry but as being a part of youth we understand that we don’t have enough time to look for the details ourselves and hence we want to have precise blogs and videos that explain it to them. We do know our society is less of a listener and hence there are a lot of stories that are yet to heard and we want to have a forum; we aptly named, “Comma.pk” – where we can share these stories.

Zubi wants fame

This is a social experiment to get a taste of the influencer culture. We like to have fun and be meta sometimes, you know, go behind-the-scenes to see the struggle that is put into this industry. So here’s our creative director being blunt and upfront @ZubiWantsFame. Have a look at the profile, a lot of effort has been put into those captions – do give them a read; and remember, we’re just testing the waters.

Plan Z Store

We see some of you loved our official merch and as it turns out, we love to share. This is an official store of everything our creative superheroes wear to look cool and drink from to get refueled. This also includes the fancy and witty things our creative team likes and thinks to look good.

Since we love to share, partial proceeds from all the merch would go to charities mentioned above as we would love to help the less privileged. Saving the world one shirt at a time.

Plan Z Hope

As mentioned above, let’s call this our outreach program to support the low capital startups, charities and non-profits by making them look prettier and helping them with this support function saving them crucial finances to channel them to better use.

This is a small step and we encourage charities, NGOs, and startups with low capital to fill out our form as we love to help causes and ideas. We hope to foster small startups to ensure they grow to be the giants of tomorrow. Keep in mind, there are only so many of us and we try to help out as many organizations and people as we can, but we cannot possibly help everyone.

You can apply here to ensure we get your request, and we would try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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