While creating the annual report is a huge part of any corporate company, it holds the importance of showcasing the yearly activities of the company and financial performance in the preceding year. AGP Pharma came in contact with the expert team of Plan Z Creatives to develop an everlasting and creative Annual Report.

Developed Annual Report

The first step in planning the development of the annual report was finding out what AGP Pharma wanted from their annual report and its design. When they approached us they wanted something new and creative to illustrate the new ideas, achievements, and progress of the company in the previous year. The outlook of the report was mainly concerned with the fresh and innovative design along with professional content.

Much like design, content writing was their main focus too. Developing a report also focused more on the content and even though it was large information to cover we created the content as accessible and clear as possible. The writing was straightforward but also well-informed as we had to strike the balance between using correct and relevant terminologies to go with medical and forming a niche for better understanding and delivery. Keeping search intent at the forefront was the main factor at every stage in our efforts to make everything as accessible as possible.

We as a team collaborated on this high-end report making and formed a report that reflected their goals and objectives and also depicted their overall performances throughout the year using infographics, pictures, and unconventional design.

Through several meetings and giving attention to minute details we were able to begin transferring their ideas into physical style and existence. All in all, our clients were very happy with their Annual Report. It was innovative and ingenious, but effective, with a lot of interesting little design touches.





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