Energia Middle East

Energia Middle East falls under our prime clients who are the industry leaders in training and conferences. For 3 years, Plan Z Creatives has been affiliated partners of Energia Middle East in their conferences and has been utilizing our expertise to serve the best of our services to our partners.


Being their affiliate partners for 3 years, we have developed a mutual relationship of trust and excellence; we have been efficiently handling numerous projects and tasks with them. Plan Z Creatives has successfully arranged and executed the conferences of Energia Middle East held in Dubai in 2018 and 2019. In which, we were fully responsible to take care of everything, from the initial planning to the closure, our team dedicatedly and actively took complete responsibility and managed two successful conferences. Unfortunately, due to COVID the conference, for the year 2020, was called off.

Along with that, Plan Z Creatives are responsible to handle their digital marketing network including all the social media marketing campaigns. Our creative team uses their finest marketing skills to accomplish the assigned projects of the digital marketing network. We successfully manage their social media platforms and address every query that comes in the way at our earliest.


Having a hardworking and passionate team, we have proved ourselves to be the perfect choice for Energia Middle East. Plan Z Creatives aims to provide the best to their clients and partners for which we comply with their demands to deliver the best to their business.




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