Food Storm

Food storm was an entrepreneur setup that delivered homemade food services in 2018-2019. They trusted Plan Z Creatives to provide social media marketing services to their venture.


Home-made food deliveries and services are a common option nowadays, but back in 2018, it was a new concept for Karachities. Thus, it was a challenge for our team to simultaneously market and handles the social media sites of such a new and unique concept. Yet our creative team fulfilled all the assigned responsibilities successfully.


Being a novel venture, Food Storm received 2-3 orders per week. But after applying our promotion and marketing strategies for a month, the business accelerated and started receiving 5-6 orders per week which was a huge accomplishment for a new endeavor. Our social media marketing team came up with various approaches and marketing tactics to reach the maximum audience and collect as many orders as possible. During six months there was a constant increase in their orders with positive feedback.


Our team of marketing experts knows accurate tactics to introduce a brand in the market and target the right customer. We utilized our experience and partnered with Food Storm for six months; during this period, the setup flourished and successfully opened its two branches. The venture delivered its food services for consecutive two years successfully before they ceased.




Food & Beverages, Social Media Marketing, Branding

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