The Challenge

ICI Pakistan appears as a promising name among the chemical industries of Pakistan. They required our assistance in a venture before Covid’19.

We were their partners on the project of IWC 2020 which was a campaign of ICI Pakistan for the celebration of Woman’s Day. In compliance with ICI Pakistan, we were supposed to shot and produce video interviews for the digital medium of doctors across Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Moreover, our designers worked on creating and printing newsletters that were to be delivered to 1500+ doctors and medical professionals across Pakistan.
This was no less than a challenge for our team, as we were obliged to produce the videos and newsletters in a short period.

The Solution

The hurdles were great but our team was unstoppable. Without wasting a moment, we gathered the necessary information and highlighted the working areas. We established an open communication channel to resolve any matter that comes in the way of work.
With the dedication of our finest team, finally, Plan Z managed to complete the task of corporate video production responsibly within a limited time.


Creating a video from scratch in a limited time is a task. That’s why we focus on developing and providing services that will stand the test of time with elements that are easy to change and update. Our video production and data-centric approach provided a fresh look to the custom-made video for ICI Pakistan.




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