One of the travel companies, Magellan, has shared with us an idea of developing a resourceful app, which would help cater to the ample traveling needs in a short, easy, and customized way. This company inclines to provide 5000+ customers on the season the facility of traveling. They had to find a customized and easiest possible way through which, the human effort could be reduced to the minimum.


The best possible solution was to build an app, through which, the traveling needs would be catered in an organized and easy way. The idea of Companion App had been put forward. This app is responsible for all the booking details of a travel journey. Be it the schedule, budget, timings, or anything, this app has to be built in a way that provides a complete and handy package to its consumers. This app is easily available in the hands of its users and also provides customized trips.


For the first time in Pakistan, our company (Plan Z Creative) has successfully built the Companion App for Magellan. All the possible and available resources and possessions were put together, and after such long and continuous efforts and determination, Plan Z is delighted to build an app “Companion App”, which will now serve as a tool for ease and readiness for the customers of Magellan. This has been one of the most successful solutions from Plan Z towards one of the startups and ideas of its most valuable client company Magellan.




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