The Problem

MCB Arif Habib, a well-known Asset Management Company has been choosing Plan Z to serve them in various sectors for several years. We have been providing them videography, animation, and designing services for different events; a recent service offered by Plan Z was the production of animated tutorials for MCB’s iSave app that is launched for the youth to invest in Mutual Funds.

The main purpose of the iSave app was to motivate the youth and bring forth easier ways of investment. Hence, designing the tutorial was a technical task as the video needs to portray every aspect of the application including the user-friendly interface.

The Solution

To make it a successful venture, Plan Z created multiple sample videos. After gathering the desirable data, we designed a video and showed it to a sample audience to employ their feedback regarding the usage of the application. After few revisions, as per the received responses from the sample audience, the video emerged as the finest one.

We continued to serve our bond with a systematic approach towards business. Our team interacted with their team, after multiple meetings we reached a mutual understanding about the required developments in the undergoing projects. Afterward, in abidance to the demands of our client, we make timely delivery of the work.


We love working alongside businesses that follow a visionary approach towards the creative zone, like MCB, Arif Habib. We’ll be continuing to support the team with the upcoming most fanciful and original projects to bring a change in the market with our services.




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